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A'ang, Subiyakto and Amimah, Amimah and Evy, Nurmiati and Zulfiandri, Zulfiandri and Eri, Rustamaji and Tri, Haryanto and T.K.A, Rahman (2022) Investigating User Experience to Redesign User Interface Using User-Centered Design Approach. ICIC Express Letters, 13 (8). pp. 861-868. ISSN 2185-2766

Abdul Adzim, Abdul Hamid (2022) Study on the impact of crude oil price and macroeconomic factors on the stock prices of firms: The case of Malaysia for the period 1999-2019. Doctoral thesis, Asia e University.

Abdullahi, Faisal Abdirahman (2022) Business Strategies on Financial Performance of Selected Companies in Putland, Somalia. Doctoral thesis, Asia e University.

Ali, Adnan Farzand (2022) Development of Effective Operations Strategies for Organizational Excellence Performance: A Study of Textile and Clothing Sectors in Pakistan. Doctoral thesis, Asia e University.

Ali Miftakhu, Rosyad and Jajat, Sudrajat and Siow, Heng Loke (2022) Role of Social Studies Teacher to Inculcate Student Character Values. International Journal of Science Education and Cultural Studies, 1 (1). pp. 1-15.

Anton, Hindarjo and Juhary, Ali and Owin Jamasy, Djamaludin and Taufik, Hidayat and Willson, Gustiawan and Mardiyana and Muhammad, Doddy (2022) Factors Affecting Behaviour of Paying Zakat in Greater Jakarta Indonesia. Seybold Report, 17 (6). pp. 72-80. ISSN 1533 – 9211

Anton, Hindarjo and Muhammad Fikri, Pratama and Juhary, Ali (2022) Analysis of the Influence of Competence and Work Culture on Employee Performance with Moderation of Exit Intentions: A Case Study at Bank Syariah Indonesia. International Journal of Management Science and Application, 1 (1). pp. 1-17.

Anwar, Fattah (2022) Factors Influencing the Effectiveness of Information Technology Governance and Performance in Higher of Educational Institutions in Indonesia. Doctoral thesis, Asia e University.

Asia e University, AeU (2022) 11th AeU Convocation Book 2022. Documentation. AeU.

Asia e University, AeU (2022) AeU Commemorative Book 2022. Documentation. AeU, Kuala Lumpur.

Asma, Shahzadi and Mahar, Muhammad Ijaz and Abida, Yousaf and Ullah, Khan and Norina, Jabeen (2022) Perceptions of Students Regarding Changes in LMS of AIOU, Islamabad, Pakistan. Journal of Positive School Psychology, 6 (8). pp. 9509-9517.

Asri, Jusoh (2022) A Qualitative Study in Financial Literacy Practices Among Preschool Entrepreneurs in Urban Community. Doctoral thesis, Asia e University.

Asrul, Sani and Siti, Aisyah and Reida, Rachmawati and Dian, Ikha P and Ninuk, Wiliani (2022) Analysis Of Decision Support Systems for Candidate Selection Scholarship Recipients Using TOPSIS Method. In: Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Law, Social Science, Economics, and Education, ICLSSEE 2022, 16 April 2022, Semarang, Indonesia.

Azizan, Osman (2022) Effect of Business Coaching on Growth and Performance and the Moderating Role of Competitive Advantage in Small Medium Enterprises in Malaysia. Doctoral thesis, Asia e University.


Basrowi and Juhary, Ali and Tulus, Suyanto (2022) The Customer Loyalty Research Trends: Bibliometry Analysis. In: Prosiding The 2nd National Conference on Applied Business, Education, & Technology (NCABET), Unversitas Bina Bangsa.

Bokhori, Md Amin (2022) The Effect of Training and Development on Executives’ Performance In Manufacturing Firms: A Case Study at Kulim-hi Tech Park Kulim, Kedah, Malaysia. Specialusis Ugdymas, 1 (43). pp. 1897-1907.


Charanjit, Kaur Swaran Singh and Eng, Tek Ong and Dodi, Mulyadi and Tee, Tze Kiong and Wei, Lun Wong and Tarsame, Singh Masa Singh and Min Jie Chen (2022) Effects of Metacognitive Strategies and Gender Differences on English as a Second Language (ESL) Students’ Listening Comprehension. Pertanika Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities, 30. pp. 81-97.


De Silva, Dhodanduwa (2022) The Social and Economic Impact of Dengue: A Case Study of the National Hospital Colombo, Sri Lanka. Doctoral thesis, Asia e University.

Din, Adam (2022) Perception of The B40 Group Quality of Life Toward Public Housing Provided by The Government of Malaysia in Langkawi. Doctoral thesis, Asia e University.

Dody, Herdiana and A'ang, Subiyakto and Aedah, Abd Rahman (2022) System Continuance Success of the Local Electronic Government in Indonesia. ICIC Express Letters, Part B: Applications, 13 (10). pp. 1001-1008.

Dona Rachel, Abraham (2022) Factors Influencing Indian Information Technology Professionals Working on Assignment in Malaysia: The Mediating Role of Corss-Cultural Adjustment. Doctoral thesis, Asia e University.

Dwi, Yuniarto (2022) Factors Influencing the Usability of Information Systems in Selected Indonesian Private Higher Educational Institutions. Doctoral thesis, Asia e University.


Efri Syamsul, Bahri and Ade, Salamun and Zainal, Arif (2022) Measuring the Effectiveness of Zakat Disbursement at Amil Zakat Institution Dewan Da’wah Utilizing Zakat Core Principle Approach. Al Maal: Journal of Islamic Economics and Banking, 4 (1). pp. 119-132. ISSN 2580 - 3816

Efri Syamsul, Bahri and Juhary, Ali (2022) A Measurement Model of Successful Halal Industry. IQTISHADUNA Jurnal Ekonomi & Kewangan Islam, 13 (1). pp. 23-34. ISSN 2087 9938

Efri Syamsul, Bahri and Juhary, Ali and Mohd Mizan, Mohammad Aslam (2022) A Bibliometric Analysis of the Conceptual Model of Asnaf Entrepreneur Success. International Journal of Economics, Management and Accounting, 30 (1). pp. 225-251.

Efri Syamsul, Bahri and Juhary, Ali and Mohd Mizan, Mohammad Aslam (2022) Why do Asnaf Entrepreneurs Become Successful? The Role of Intention, Opportunity, and Resources. Al-Iqtishad: Jurnal Ilmu Ekonomi Syariah (Journal of Islamic Economics), 14 (1). pp. 23-44. ISSN 2087-135X


Hashi, Mohamed Bile and Barasa, Tiberius (2022) Understanding What Lies Behind Public Bad Leadership In the Federal Government of Somalia. International Journal of Recent Research in Social Sciences and Humanities, 9 (2). pp. 142-155. ISSN 2349-7831

Hashi, Mohamed Bile and Hock, Oo Yu (2022) Crisis Leadership In Civic State Building: The Case of Clan Federalism In Somalia. Journal of Positive School Psychology, 6 (10). pp. 103-134.

Hindarjo, Anton (2022) Factors Affecting Behavior of Paying Zakat in Greater Jakarta Indonesia. Doctoral thesis, Asia e University.


Jabeen, Norina and Gul, Jaweria and Shahzadi, Asma and Muhammad Anique and Mubarik Ali and Sheharyar Shakir (2022) Covid-19: Digital Barriers to Distance Learning. Journal of Peace, Development and Communication, 6 (4). pp. 208-223. ISSN 2663-7901

Jaipong, Parichat and Siripipatthanakul, Supaprawat and Sitthipon, Tamonwan and Kaewpuang, Pichart and Sriboonruang, Patcharavadee (2022) An Association Between Brand Trust, Brand Affection and Brand Loyalty: The Case of a Coffee Brand in Bangkok Thailand. Advance Knowledge for Executives, 1 (1). pp. 1-14.

Javaria, Kiran (2022) Factors Influencing the Profitability of Fully-Fledged Islamic Banks in Pakistan. Doctoral thesis, Asia e University.

Javed, Rema and Aks, E-Noor and Ramzan, Faiza (2022) Relationship of Personality Traits Hexaco and Self Esteem in University Students. Journal of Social Sciences Review, 2 (4). pp. 107-113. ISSN 2789-441X

Juyapragason, Jayasauveriama (2022) Evaluating the Relationship Between Organisational Culture, Job Satisfaction and Intention to Leave of Commercial Bank Employees in Malaysia. Doctoral thesis, Asia e University.


King, Choo Chooi (2022) Mediating Role of Trust Between Authentic Leadership and Employee Engagement in Hotel Industry in Malaysia. Doctoral thesis, Asia e University.


Manas, Ranjan Panigrahi and Phalachandra, Bhandigani (2022) Handbook on online education in commonwealth Asia. Project Report. Commonwealth educational media centre for Asia.

Masooma, Salman (2022) Total Quality Management in Private and Public Sectors in Bahrain: An Exploratory Study. Journal of Service Science and Management, 15 (4). pp. 452-475. ISSN 1940-9893

Mohamad, Irfan (2022) Model of IT Implementation Readiness in Higher Education Institution in Indonesia. Doctoral thesis, Asia e University.

Mohamad Riza, Abdahir (2022) New Business Venture of Private Higher Education Institution in Malaysia. Doctoral thesis, Asia e University.

Mohamed Eusuff, Md Amin (2022) Locating Logic Faculty in the Mental System. Journal of Cognitive Sciences and Human Development, 8 (2). pp. 157-169. ISSN 2550-1623

Muhammad Agreindra, Helmiawan and Ade Iskandar, Nasution (2022) The Effect of Internet Banking Use and Customer Protection Against Cyber Crime at Bank Rakyat Indonesia. Journal of Islamic Economics and Business, 2 (2). pp. 170-183. ISSN 2798-8562

Munohsamy @ Munasamy, Thulasimani (2022) The Influence of Professional Development and Communication Skills on Teaching Performance of Higher Education Lecturers on Brunei Darussalam. Doctoral thesis, Asia e University.


Ng, Khar Thoe and Junainah, Jamaludin and Pang, Yee Jiea and Choong, Careemah and Lay, Yoon Fah and Ong, Eng Tek and Kamalambal, Durairaj and Corrienna, Abdul Talib and Chin, Chee Keong (2022) Developing Conceptual and Procedural Knowledge/Skills of Lifelong Learners from Basic to Advance Learning: Exemplars, Challenges and Future Direction. DINAMIKA Jurnal Ilmiah Pendidikan Dasar, 13 (2). pp. 23-35.

Nguyen, Thanh Phuong (2022) Evaluation of tri-Business Corporate Culture and Managerial Effectiveness in Vietnam Private Companies. Doctoral thesis, Asia e University.

Noor Hasliza, Che Seman (2022) Infection Control Management and Compliance among Nurses in Selected Hospitals in Malaysia. Doctoral thesis, Asia e University.


Reni, Haerani and T.K.A, Rahman and Lia, Kamelia (2022) The Measurement and Evaluation of Information System Success Based on Organizational Hierarchical Culture. JOIN (Jurnal Online Informatika), 7 (2). pp. 211-218. ISSN 2528-1682

Romandito, Mahendrayudha (2022) The Evaluation of Enriched Theistic Centred Curriculum in Sekolah Dian Harapan and Sekolah Lentera Harapan, Indonesia. Doctoral thesis, Asia e University.


Selvi @ Kausiliha, Vijayan and Hock, Oo Yu (2022) The Mediating Role of Attitude in Influencing Consumer Purchase Intention Towards Online Apparel Shopping in Malaysia. Malaysian Journal of Consumer and Family Economics, 28. pp. 166-202.

Shahzadi, Asma and Shahzadi, Shazia and Munir, Naureen (2022) Flipped Classroom Approach to Enhance Students’ Academic Performance at the University Level: Teachers’ Perspective. Global Educational Studies Review, 7 (2). pp. 498-507. ISSN 2708-2113

Shariffah Bahyah, Syed Ahmad and Siow, Heng Loke (2022) Unfolding the Moving-in Experiences of International Students at a Malaysian Private Tertiary Institution. Asian Journal of University Education, 18 (2). pp. 441-453.

Sheikh, Md Kamrul Hasan (2022) The mediating effect of customer satisfaction on the relationship between service recovery performance factors and business growth among Bangladesh garment manufacturers. European Journal of Business and Management, 14 (8). pp. 56-84. ISSN 2222-1905

Siripipatthanakul, Supaprawat and Jaipong, Parichat and Limna, Pongsakorn and Sitthipon, Tamonwan and Kaewpuang, Pichart and Sriboonruang, Patcharavadee (2022) The Impact of Talent Management on Employee Satisfaction and Business Performance in the Digital Economy: A Qualitative Study in Bangkok, Thailand. Advance Knowledge for Executives, 1 (1). pp. 1-17.

Siti Aisyah, Mohamad Zin and Intan Suria, Hamzah and Muhammad Ridhwan, Sarifin and Ahmad Faizuddin, Ramli and Mohd Firdaus, Md Zain (2022) Character Education Based on the Application of the National Education Philosophy to the Formation of Leadership among Students. International Journal of Education, Philosophy and Counselling, 7 (47). pp. 563-577.

Syed Hussain, Syed Husman (2022) Factors Influencing the Success of Corporate Merger in Malaysia: The Case of Rothmans Pall Mall (Malaysia) Limited and Malaysian Tobacco Company Limited (MTC). Doctoral thesis, Asia e University.


Tan, Shi Ying and Lim, Lichen and Lee, Leongweng (2022) Antecedents of E-Payment Adoption Among Working Adults in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. International Journal of Early Childhood Special Education, 14 (3). pp. 6453-6463.

Tang, Wing Cheung (2022) A Glance in the Life of Kindergarten Teachers in Hong Kong: A Mixed- Method Approach. Journal for Educators Teachers and Trainers, 13 (4). pp. 289-296.

Tang, Wing Cheung (2022) An Integrative Model on Job Satisgaction and Intention of Leaving the Job among Kindergarten Teachers in Hong Kong. Doctoral thesis, Asia e University.

Tangarasa Tiburtrious, Andrew Rohanaraj (2022) Factors Influencing the Purchase Behaviour towards Consumer Goods During the Global Oil Crisis in Oman. Doctoral thesis, Asia e University.

Tengku Adnan, Tengku Mansor (2022) Issues and Challenges of Affordable Housing and Housing Affordability in Malaysia: A Case Study of Residensi Wilayah (RUMAWIP). Doctoral thesis, Asia e University.

Tong, Kevin Wong Chung (2022) Integrate Kano's Model and Servqual to Improve the Service Quality of Facilities Management in Hong Kong. Doctoral thesis, Asia e University.


Wan Sabri, Wan Hussin (2022) Business Plans From New Venture Perspectives: Enlightening or Destroying. International Journal of Economics, Business and Innovation Research, 1 (1). pp. 37-47. ISSN 2964-0865

Wibowo, Prasetio Ari (2022) The Intervening Effect of Business Strategy to the Relationship between Internal and External Business Environmental and Performance among Micro and Small Industry Cluster Services and Creative Industry in Jakarta, Indonesia. Doctoral thesis, Asia e University.


Yeop Ali, Dobi (2022) A case study of POS Malaysia Berhad and its customer service POS laju courier business. Doctoral thesis, Asia e University.

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