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Arman Hadi, Abdul Manaf and Latifah, Abdul Latif and Juhary, Ali (2014) Organizational Justice as a Predictor of Self-Perveived Work Performance: a Perspective from the Malaysian Higher Educational Institution. Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, 5. pp. 319-325. ISSN 2039-2117

Cheng, Sheila and Siow, Heng Loke (2014) Enhancing Problem Solving Skills in Operational Research: the Well-Structured Problem Case Study. Paper presented at the World Business Institute, 29th International Business Research Conference, Sydney, Australia. pp. 1-19.

Hashim, Yusuf and Yusup, Yusri (2014) Preliminary Study on Teachers' Use of the iPad in Bachelor of Education Program at a Private University in Malaysia. TechTrends, 58 (2). pp. 14-19. ISSN 1559-7075

Imtiaz, Sharjeel and Saadiah, Yahya (2014) A Patent Technique of Jaccard Discrete (J-DIS) Similarity Clustering Algorithm. Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Applied Information and Communications Technology (ICAICT 28-29 April 2014).

Khoo, Voon Ching (2014) A case study on the effectiveness of Multi-sites test handler to improve of Production Output. IOSR Journal of engineering (IOSRJEN), 4 (4). pp. 47-59. ISSN 2278-8719

Lakshmi, Renganathan and Salem, Al Touby (2014) Is “Partners” (Cooperative Teaching and Learning) Method an effective Innovative teaching method for Arab Nursing Students? IOSR Journal of Nursing and Health Science (IOSR-JNHS), 3 (1). pp. 21-25. ISSN 2320–1940

Mak, Met and Ibrahim, Ali (2014) Investigating the Moderating Effect of Demographic Factors on the Relationship between Monetary Motivation and Employees' Job Satisfaction at Oil and Gas Offshore Production Facilities in Malaysia. International Review of Management and Business Research, 3 (2). pp. 788-818. ISSN 2306-9007

Sie, Andi Bing and Aho, Anne Maria and Uden, Lorna (2014) Community of Practice for Knowledge Sharing in Higher Education: Analysing Community of Practice Through the Lens of Activity Theory. In: Uden L., Sinclair J., Tao YH., Liberona D. (eds) Learning Technology for Education in Cloud. MOOC and Big Data. LTEC 2014. Communications in Computer and Information Science, 446. pp. 135-148.

Tan, Teik Kheong and Bing, Benny (2014) Options Strategy for Technology Companies. 2014 International Conference on Computer and Information Sciences (ICCOINS) 3-5 June 2014. ISSN Electronic ISBN: 978-1-4799-4390-6

Ukpe, Emmanuel and S.M.F.D, Syed Mustapha (2014) Cost of Information and Communications Technology: Essential for Nigeria Social Change and Economic Development. IMPACT: International Journal of research in Engineering & Technology (IMPACT:IJRET), 2 (1). pp. 45-48. ISSN 2347-4599

Yeoh, Seng P. (2014) Entrepreneurs in Private Higher Education: a Case Study of Education Entrepreneurs in a Middle Income Economy. International Perspectives on Education and Society, 23. pp. 209-249.

Yusup, Hashim (2014) 21st century education: Are We Heading the Right Direction of Improving Teaching and Learning as Needed by educational Programme. Journal.

Yusup, Hashim (2014) Preliminary Study on Teachers' Use of the iPad in Bachelor of Education Program at a Private University in Malaysia. Journal.


Asia e University, AeU (2014) 4th AeU Convocation: Accelerating Capacity Building Across Borders. Documentation. AeU, Kuala Lumpur.

Mazumder, Rabin and Chakravarty, Chandrasekhar and Bhandari, Amit K. (2014) Recovery Performance of Primary Agriculture Credit Societies in India: An Assessment. Discussion Paper. IZA Institute of Labor Economics.


Awang Yusop, Awang Adom (2014) Consumers' behaviour towards modern and traditional retailing in Kuching city. Doctoral thesis, Asia e University.

Cheng, Sheila (2014) An investigation of the cognitive processes in solving operational research problems among selected business degree undergraduates in Malaysia. Doctoral thesis, Asia e University.

Fung, Han Ping (2014) Team related factors influencing project performance as perceived by project managers in Malaysia. Doctoral thesis, Asia e University.

Kaliyappan, Renganathan (2014) Managing technology : A case study on the cost reduction of the molding assembly process in the semiconductor industry. Masters thesis, Asia e University.

Kan, Yoke Yue (2014) A study of the stock market dynamics in Malaysia 1990 - 2013. Doctoral thesis, Asia e University.

Lok, Lay Hong (2014) Teaching, learning and performing approaches for classical guitar and piano : A case study at an institute of higher learning in Malaysia. Doctoral thesis, Asia e University.

Manimekalai, Jambulingam (2014) Determinants That Influence Adoption of Mobile Technology In Learning Environment. Doctoral thesis, Asia e University.

Nair, Pradeep Kumar (2014) Recruitment and retention of academic staff in selected Malaysian private universities. Doctoral thesis, Asia e University.

Namwandi, David R. (2014) Implementation of the Southern African development community protocol on education and training and its impact on economic development : A case study of Namibia and Zimbabwe. Doctoral thesis, Asia e University.

Ramasamy, Shamala (2014) Informal reasoning fallacy and critical thinking disposition among Malaysian undergraduates. Doctoral thesis, Asia e University.

Syed Hamid, S. Jaafar Albar (2014) National interest in the foreign policy of Malaysia : The Mahathir era (1981 - 2003). Doctoral thesis, Asia e University.

Wong, Patrick Chang Yang (2014) A study of strategy, organization structure and performance of insurance firm: A case study of Takaful Malaysia. Masters thesis, Asia e University.


Abd Malik, Mahaizura (2014) Galak Buat Kajian Menyeluruh. Harian Metro.

Azmi, Siti Nurazlinee (2014) Graduan AeU berketerampilan. berita harian.

Azmi, Siti Nurazlinee (2014) Menteri Pendidikan Namibia terima PhD daripada AeU. berita harian.

Leong, Irene (2014) AeU's fourth convocation. the sun.

Leong, Irene (2014) Namibia's Minister of Education Receives PhD at AeU. The Sun.

N/A, N/A (2014) AeU Penuhi Permintaan Pasaran ICT. Berita Harian.

N/A, N/A (2014) Aeu's Flexible MBA. The Sun.

N/A, N/A (2014) Learning Pathways At AeU. The Star.

N/A, N/A (2014) Pathways On Comprehensive Education Programmes At AeU. New Sabah Times.

N/A, N/A (2014) Research-intensive Curriculum. The Star.

N/A, N/A (2014) To Be Digital Savvy. The Star.

NA, NA (2014) 1,200 sertai konvo AeU. Harian Metro.

NA, NA (2014) Accountant bags AeU's Chairman Award. the sun.

NA, NA (2014) AeU boosts higher education for pre-school educators. New Sabah Times.

NA, NA (2014) AeU brand lures retiree to pursue PhD. New Straits Times.

NA, NA (2014) AeU produces yet another batch of high-calibre graduates. borneo post.

NA, NA (2014) AeU seimbang teori, praktikal. harian metro.

NA, NA (2014) AeU tawar kursus golongan bekerjaya. Berita Harian.

NA, NA (2014) AeU's 4th Convocation Ceremony and graduates achievements. New Sabah Times.

NA, NA (2014) AeU's Evolving Computer Technology. Borneo Post.

NA, NA (2014) AeU's sees over 1,200 graduands receive their scrolls at 4th convocation. new sabah times.

NA, NA (2014) Age is not a limit at AeU. The STAR.

NA, NA (2014) Best of business training with focus on Asia. N/A.

NA, NA (2014) Capturing all your needs. new traits times.

NA, NA (2014) Closing the gap between skills needed and taught. New Strait Times.

NA, NA (2014) Developing educators for excellence in teaching. New Sabah Times.

NA, NA (2014) Developing excellent educators. the star.

NA, NA (2014) Dugaan tak patahkan semangat genggam PhD. BERITA HARIAN.

NA, NA (2014) Enhancing research skills in business. The Star.

NA, NA (2014) Expertise in Asian biz with AeU MBA. the sun.

NA, NA (2014) Explore Essence of Asian Business. The Star.

NA, NA (2014) Explore the essence of Asian business. the star.

NA, NA (2014) Fast-track your career. The Star.

NA, NA (2014) Finding the right university. the star.

NA, NA (2014) Flexible programme for working adults. the star.

NA, NA (2014) Flexible studies at AeU. the star.

NA, NA (2014) Industry based MICTM programme for future leaders. new sabah times.

NA, NA (2014) Innovative Course. Star Special.

NA, NA (2014) An Insightful Experiences. the star.

NA, NA (2014) International Students Celebrate at Convo. Borneo Sunday Post.

NA, NA (2014) Kumaresan bags AeU's Chairman Award. BORNEO POST.

NA, NA (2014) Learn Business Skills. Star Special.

NA, NA (2014) Lifelong learning journey for one AeU alumnus. The Sun.

NA, NA (2014) Namibian Minister of Education received Doctor of Philosophy degree at AeU's 4th Convocation. new sabah times.

NA, NA (2014) One senior citizen's PhD experience. The Sun.

NA, NA (2014) Over 1,200 AeU grads to receive scrolls today. new strait times.

NA, NA (2014) Pelajar Antarabangsa Terima Ijazah. Berita Harian.

NA, NA (2014) Pengajian MBA di AeU. Utusan Malaysia.

NA, NA (2014) Popular demand for AeU's education plan. The Sunday.

NA, NA (2014) Professional bags prestigious award. the star.

NA, NA (2014) Pursue A Masters in ICT at AeU. New Straits Times.

NA, NA (2014) Risk management professional bags AeU's chairmain's award. The Sun.

NA, NA (2014) Shapping Business Proffesionals. Star Special.

NA, NA (2014) Syed Hamid Albar dapat PhD, tesis tentang Dr.M. malaysiakini online.

NA, NA (2014) Syed Hamid gets PhD. NEW STRAITS TIMES.

NA, NA (2014) They come from across the world. new straits times.

NA, NA (2014) Yeop Ali Pursuing DBA at 73. New Straits Times.

NA, NA (2014) An international celebration. THE STAR.

Tan, Angie (2014) Learning from a distance. Focus Malaysia.

Yee, Jie Min (2014) AeU Focuses on Asian Business. The Sun.

Yee, Jie Min (2014) Focus on lifelong learning. the sun.

Yee, Jie Min (2014) Versatiles art and humanities at AeU. the sun.

ngah, haryani (2014) Tiga metadologi jadi teras AeU. berita harian.

quah, eric (2014) Flexible doctoral programme. the star.

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